About us

I&ITALY is a Italo-Indian company aimed to connect Italian producer to Indian and Middle Eastern consumers by creating new commercial relationships.
The company was formed by two partners who have a long and rich experience in the food&beverage trade.
Both of them decided to use their experience to set up this business venture in order to export Italian products to emerging markets.

rita fortuna

Rita Fortuna
Italian partner

Has a deep knowledge of food and beverage industry thanks to a lifelong career in this trade. Her experience and know-how in factory production, allow her to create commercial relationships with leading Italian producers.

Rajiv Khanna

Rajiv Khanna
Indian partner

Resident in Birmingham (UK), aims to bring “Made in Italy” products to his country of origin. He is a well known commercial mediator in the textile trade, and he is willing to apply his expertise in international commerce to this business.

Rajiv Khanna

Benedetta Tovo
Export Manager

Benedetta spent most of her career as a product manager for top luxury brands (Burberry, Cartier etc) working in both Paris and London. She holds a double degree in business from italian and french business schools . Grown up in Italy with a passion for high-quality food, she is now part of this company to help export the best of Italy to India.

Om sai ram